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HSBC is a computer you never get a hold of anyone thye give 5 million numbers to call to dicuss your account and all you get is a computer and when you do get someone they no nothing or can't speak english we have been trying to get help because ,

1st our income was cut back 2nd my husband was laid off permanetly and 3rd he found a job but it pays less than what he was making so our income is about $2000 short a month making it hard for us to make a housepayment and a truck paymne ton the same day must less the amount they want do to our credit not being great our intrest rate is outrageous which makes our payement high but since he was making more in the begining we could pay but know we have less income and it's hard to pay all we want is for them to work withus to come up wit a solution to help us keep our truck but we cannot get a human only computer how are you suppose to work out something with a computer when you are told they will talk with you if you call them?

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Iam happy to say we are done with HSBC we finaaly got rid of them ....But they are still the same everyone that deals with them and WELLS FARGO are complaining about them now if we could get rid of Wells FArgo our life would be soooooo much better they are a pain as much as HSBC they lowered our house payment for 6 months and then raised it again without letting us know and they will not work with us to redo the loan so we can get lower payments they suck....Wea re trying but they would rather have us lose our house than workout something.....All banks and loans companies suck....




my h usband is just trying to get a copy of the title on his truck that has been paid off for six years and we can't talk with anyone b/c we do not have an extention number.You are right the computer is what we get - how *** is that.

I am glad we are finished with this company.

Now we need to find a way to speak with someone!!!Help!!

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