Title issues are not the doing of the finance company when refi or purchasing a unit but the previous lien holder of the vehicle.New auto loans must have the title come from the dealership.

If you are having difficulties you may want to refer back to the dealer or previous finance company. If you are trying to get your title after paying off your loan you may want to confirm the total amount has been satisfied.

HSBC is not always the problem but the lack of understanding as the consumer or lack of communicating to obtain the required information.

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So, phone # for releasing the" Statement of Lien Satisfaction" for HSBC customers is 1-800-962-9705.Call this # , but sometimes you will get disconnected.

Then call again and again and again. If/when you get thru they are really nice.

The designated fax# is 1-847-793-3573.

Good luck.

It is not as bad as it sound.:)

to Anonymous #1345606

The "customer service" number you listed above is now only a recording with fax or mailing information, and no way to speak with a representative.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1206865

My car was totaled I need a lien release VIN number is 3FAFP37NX5R125397 same address as is on title


I want to get my title from the state but need a new lien release letter.I tried to fax a letter of request along with a copy of the registration, but it never would go through so I mailed the letter and registration copy to the address given to me with attention Title Department.

This has been about a month.When can I expect my lien release.


After 3 days of calling and being put on hold for several hours, I finally received a message to order the lien release online. Go to mytitlesupport.com, enter your VIN # and personal info, then they will send out a lien release in 5-7 business days. The cost was $23.00.


Hello i need a lien release for my 2009 ATV.you sold it to Portfolio Recovery ***.

and i paid it off 1, 600. dollars and i need you to release the lein. My DMV stated it had to signed off by the original leinholder, which was you HSBC. My acct number with PRA is/was 900-043807.

my address is 1049 N 15th st Coeur d Alene, Idaho 83814.

same address as prior wheni bought the ATV new.If you have any question please contact me at carolandterry@yahoo.com.



I need a release of tile on my car.Has been paid off quite some but never took it DMV .

My vehicle ID # JT2BG22K0XO316449

Toyota 1999.

Please help me in sent a copy to HAF but never got a replie. My address is: 3188 6th Ave

Hanford, Ca.


559 643 6074

Please replie and thank you very much for your help.JUNE YEAROUT

Elkton, Michigan, United States #1029978

i need a lien release on atv from 2004


i need a lien release on a car i purchased from an estate

Sun City, Arizona, United States #868616

I have been waiting 3 weeks for my loan release after 3 very heated phone calls all I get is it was mailed out? This is a bad company to do business with. They seem not to want to make this right.

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